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May 2020 Newsletter by Leo Lyons


Hi Everyone


I hope youíre keeping well in these really strange and difficult times.

Hundred Seventy Split like almost everyone is in lockdown. Fingers crossed that things get back to normal as soon as is possible, but I canít see us touring again until October. As usual you can check for any updates on our web site

So many things had been planned for this year including recording a new studio album at Damonís newly refurbished and equipped Crescent Studios. We were booked to start in April but, since we canít be together in the same room, Iím not sure when that can be re-scheduled.

Weíve had an idea to keep something musical going in the meantime and keep in touch. A while before the Pandemic struck, we had a rehearsal in Musicbox Studios, Cardiff as a warm up ready for touring.

We recorded some of those songs as a reference; not new material but slightly different versions of songs already released on record. Weíve added video to the audio and youíll find the videos on the Hundred Seventy Split Facebook and YouTube pages. Itís about as live as we can get until things get back to normal. Hope you enjoy them.

Iíve also just set up a ĎLeo Lyons Musicianí YouTube Channel, where I talk about my career and all things music. Thereís a question and answer section plus videos of Hundred Seventy Split and classic TYA footage all gathered together in one place. I intend on adding something new each week, and as it builds perhaps even interviews with some of my musician friends.

All things are possible with your support so please check out my channel. If you like it please SUBSCRIBE to receive notifications of new posts when they occur. 

Thatís all for now. I send best wishes from me, Joe and Damon. We look forward to seeing you out on ĎThe Roadí as soon as is possible. Stay safe.







At the end of the November tour I spent a very enjoyable couple of days as a guest of the Warwick Bass Company in Markneukirchen, Germany. Thanks to all at Warwick for their hospitality.

Needless to say Iíve acquired yet another bass and a new Warwick amp rig which Iíll be taking out on the upcoming tour. Thereís a well-known saying amongst musicians íThe next instrument will be my lastí.